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WWIII - Did it just begin? Ukraine, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Israel by Chris Sanders

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20. Nov. 2022

Sorry, but you are wrong aboput Ivanka Trump-Kushner. The Messiah accused the anti-Christ Pharisees of making their converts "twice the Devil that you are" and this applies to Ivanka. Notice that she told the world that she is not supporting Trump when he came out as running in 2024. Look what she and Jarrod got Prez Trump to do for our enemies, the anti-Christ Pharisees.

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13. Nov. 2022

I Just received your last 5 videos 4 hours ago. Your messages were clearly delayed until After the elections. The last video available to my eyes was Oct 25. Did anyone else have the same issue? Chris Sanders, I believe your messages were bugged for delay on purpose. Also, I support the new corporation with the Patriot Party. Thank you, St. Chris Sanders!

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