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TR3B ASTRA Black Triangle UFO nuclear US Space Force Nuclear Strike Force

This is a BLACK PROGRAM - meaning everything WILL be denied. Nuclear Space Force revealed by Colonel Chris Sanders ASTRA TR3B Astra Aurora project

What are the two magnetic forces?

TR-3 Black Manta 2 VIEW SOURCE

TR-3 Black MantaRoleStealth spyplaneManufacturerNorthropPrimary userUnited States Air ForceThe TR-3A Black Manta is reputedly a United States Air Force spyplane. It is allegedly a black program, and its existence is officially denied. The TR-3A is claimed to be a subsonic stealth spyplane with a flying wing design. It was alleged to have been used in the Gulf War to provide laser designation for F-117A Nighthawk bombers, for targeting to use with laser-guided bombs (smart bombs).[citation needed] The TR-3A is supposedly manufactured by Northrop Grumman.[citation needed] Because there is no hard evidence of the involvement of any other stealth aircraft in the Gulf War, another hypothesis has arisen. This holds that whatever vehicle has been identified as the "TR-3" is nothing more than a prototype for the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber.[citation needed] Earlier theories that the TR-3 was related to the Tier III program do not correspond with the time of appearance of the latter. This relation was suggested by the coincidental phonetical correspondence. Tier III resulted in 1990s in the RQ-3 DarkStar, an aircraft with a totally different design. That the TR-3 code is a continuation of the TR-1/ER-2 series is also not proven, since all TR-1s and U-2s were renamed U-2R in 1992. Another candidate for the alleged spyplane is a design from Teledyne Ryan, patented in the United States on April 26, 1977, under number 4,019,699.[1] This aircraft of low observability as it is called, was invented by Robert W. Wintersdorff and George R. Cota, employees at Teledyne Ryan, a firm specialized in building unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. On May 10, 1977, a design of an aircraft was patented by Teledyne Ryan under number Des. 244,265,[2] and closely resembles the earlier mentioned example. This design was made by Waldo Virgil Opfer. The first design is unmanned, the second one manned. Whether one of these designs is related to the above mentioned TR-3A is not positively identified, but it is a coincidence that TR also stands for Teledyne Ryan. Teledyne Ryan was procured by Northrop Grumman in 1999. The Teledyne Ryan designs also strongly resemble the unidentified flying objects photographed in Belgium in 1989/1990, which were chased by the Belgian Air Force and seen by hundreds of people.

The two types of magnetic forces are attractive magnetic forces and repulsive magnetic forces. The former pulls two magnetic substances towards each other and the latter pushes them away from each other. Because gravity is everywhere in space, objects in space are always falling: towards the earth, towards the sun, and towards the galactic center. There are two reasons that objects seem to be floating without gravity in space when they are really falling. Each galaxy is held together by strong gravitational forces.

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