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The Gas Company and Lonestar Natural Gas are dedicating Stranded wells for Electricity

"Last season several died in Texas from the freeze and Lonestar Natural Gas was sitting on the answer however they went ignored. Even still as the Great State of Texas approaches winter again, basically nothing has been done. Only because we can produce water and now cryptocurrency or crypto have we had a large response in people trying to help me with our stranded production because now there is absolutely no waste with our extra electricity." Says Chris Sanders of Lonestar Natural Electric.

Sanders Drilling is prepared to do the workovers on stranded production for over 15,000 wells in just Texas alone. Currently, the state has over 25,000 on its clean up roster.

a Good landman is also something you might need to clean up the legal work before you get started or involved.

"Turning Natural Gas Electricity into BitCoin is something that Chris Sanders has seen coming for years. The main reason. Electricity and Costs are the main dynamics of success and failure for Crypto and we have both of those options covered.: Says Chris Sanders who pioneered the Barnett Shale which became 20% of the nations on shore natural gas supply.

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