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  • Christopher Sanders

Salty Cracker - Army Fuaci and his Ebola Monkeys

The movie has Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding Jr in it and its called "Outbreak". So basically, Fauci is going to blame monkeys on what he created through humans. Problem is even the human will not realize they are the "super spreader" they will just watch their whole family get repeatedly sick then die, without realizing they are in fact the host of a virus given through a vaccinefrom China. Remdisovir has a patent on it from the (PLA)Chinese Military, ... interesting. This is actually what is going on, and these mutations will keep coming because they were developed in a laboratory with the Chinese PLA working with Fauci and Obama directly. I posted this over 2 years ago. They are going to blame this on the monkey folks. I see it coming from a mile away. This is gain of function evidence as these 100 monkeys were all lab experiments and have been found with tuberculosis, Chagas disease, cholera and MRSA, which we will find now combined somehow with COVID. Didn't Fauci just say he wasn't doing "Gain of Function" research to Congress? From your friendly neighborhood Conspiracy Theorist. 06 Salty Army - The Salty Cracker is attached hereto: Your 06

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