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Putin abolishes the Nuclear Treaty with USA - Biden Goes to Ukraine while Trump goes to Ohio

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Jun 06, 2023

Get wavemeters on the sick, I wish I could post pictures of the readings


Mar 18, 2023

Mr sanders. I'm most definitely more then willing to give my life for this country. You say we need to get Trump back in office I will be his number one body guard if he let me I I support the 2 nd amendment and I want to know what your plans is getting him in office asap bc I will lay my life down to make sure he gets in there. If you could get with me and let me know how I can help let me know


Bobbie Starr
Bobbie Starr
Feb 27, 2023

Mr. Sanders - you may be the person - who needs to know & can do something about it... I pray that is true. - Regarding Toxic train wreck, East Palestine, Ohio, & what they ARE ALREADY doing with it - it's horrific & an utter tragedy about to happen, just found out today, 2-26-23. They made a SECRET deal that is just now coming to light & already begun taking ALL toxins from Ohio derailment to the City limits of Deer Park, in Harris Co, Tx (yes Houston area) & intend to bury it - not even knowing what is in it- or the ecological effects to the land & to the people - of Houston & surrounding Citie…

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