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  • Christopher Sanders

China Weather Modification System

China leads the world in disruptive weather modification systems for 2022. China has changed the weather of our world from outer space by using more power than we have ever put up there and now leads the space race. Click the link below to hear Chris Sanders of the Major News Network, talk about this topic. China weather modification and manipulation proven. Pilots see lights dropping out of the sky like UFO then major storm systems start. Could this be a Chinese war weapon using the weather instead of bombs? because they now have giga watts in outer space. Could they be winning the war with the weather and vaccines already? China has started controlling the weather and in the same week, the United States has had a record amount of destruction from Tornadoes. Over 51 weather records were set this week. We are an average of 37 degrees hoter this week, what caused this? What ended the massive cold front. Coincidence? You decide. Chris Sanders American News Network and The Major News Network

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