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3:01 / 16:20Take Back Our County this November with Trump, Colbert crew arrested, Pelosi expos

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Lady Justice
Lady Justice
Jul 26, 2022

We currently have MANY members & PUPPETS of the KARZARIN MAFIA / DEEP STATE /CABAL (they R called by many names)they R "CROOKS, CRIMINALS,LIARS, FRAUDS, CHEATERS & ANTI AMERICAN, SELF SERVING, TREASONOUS TRAITORS! " in our Government & many, many in Media, Social media, central banks, large Corporations etc. In all fields Health, Education & so on 😤 They are taking down our country & do NOT CARE about any of US or what happens 2 us. If one cannot SEE 👀 that by now, I pray 🙏 you Wake ⏰ Up. This CRIMINAL Faction/gang, are not operating only here, but have cohorts WORLDWIDE. Those Country's Leaders that belong 2 this CLUB ? Currently either Resigning, Being ousted by (…

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